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Our Work

1966 Gearhart Indy car, raced by Gordy Johncock. Painted originally by Dick Deming, returns to original shop, to have paint restoration by Rob Deming (now owner of shop), son of Dick.


Before and after pics of a 1957 Buick Caballero.

Before and after pics of a 2011 GMC Sierra.

Before and after pictures of an 88 Porsche 911.

Before, during, and after pics of a 2014 Honda Odyssey.

2011 Volkswagen Golf. Suffered serious deer damage.

GM Colorado. Big front end hit.

Audi TT. Collision repair.

Chevy Envoy. Side deer hit.

Wheel pants from a vintage 1948 Cessna Airplane. It’s not always just collision work we do!

1969 Mercury Cougar. This vintage car was given “The Works”. We disassembled all exterior trim and moldings. Then it was soda blasted to completely remove the paint down to bare metal. All dents were removed with hammer and dollys. Completely re-primed and “Block Sanded” 2 times to insure laser straight body panels. Then finish sanded and painted the original orange using a 2 stage paint system. A high quality custom paint restoration.

Toyota Highlander. Rear end collision.

Custom Built Jeep. Replacement body sandblasted, due to poor quality primer from manufacturer. Primed, painted and re-assembled.

A complete body and paint restoration on a vintage 1959 356 Porsche. Came in VERY rough and left an award winning car. At a California Porsche only competition the judges said that it was” straightest body car ever seen”. ¬†This car has won several awards.

A unique vintage toy scooter. Stripped, primed, painted and new rubber wheels. Just in time for Christmas under the tree.

Deming's Auto Collision Repair Service